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Jason D. Christopher

Over the past 20 years, Jason D. Christopher has worked across multiple industries in unique roles ranging from engineering to incident response and national security. 
JD Christopher

Custom AI Tool by Jason Christopher

Industrial Cyber Protector

Industrial Cyber Protector is an AI-enabled assistant for ICS/OT-specific cybersecurity

Example Prompts

Explain the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

What are some best practices in ICS/OT cybersecurity?

Explain the SANS Five ICS Cybersecurity Critical Controls.

Provide an update on ICS-specific threats.

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Cyber Risk Educator, Speaker,  Family Guy



“Intelligent” Board Room Decisions

How to Use Threat-Informed Industrial Risk Management

ARMOR for OT Security Leaders

SANS ICS Security Summit 2021

DISC – SANS ICS Virtual Conference: ICS Security Crucible

Forging Programmatic Armor and Weapons



S4 Events

Jason Christopher on SANS ICS418 – ICS Security Essentials For Managers

The CyberWire

Executive discussions and how to communicate your cyber risks to the Board.

S4 Events

Industrial Cyber Risk Management with Jason Christopher
Jason Christopher teaching a SANS course on industrial control systems cybersecurity


SANS Institute

When you walk into the classroom or log in to take one of Jason’s courses, you are joining an instructor who has both a wealth of experience and knowledge to share, as well as the striking ability to adapt to you, the student.

ICS418: ICS Security Essentials for Managers

The ICS418: ICS Security Essentials for Managers course empowers leaders responsible for securing critical infrastructure and operational technology environments.

What You Will Learn

The course addresses the need for dedicated ICS security programs, the teams that run them, and the skills required to map industrial cyber risk to business objectives to prioritize safety. ICS418 will help you manage the people, processes, and technologies necessary to create and sustain lasting ICS cyber risk programs while promoting a culture of safety, reliability, and security.

ICS456: Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection

The ICS456: Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection course empowers students with knowledge of the what and the how of the version 5/6/7 standards.

What You Will Learn

The course addresses the role of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and Regional Entities, provides multiple approaches for identifying and categorizing BES Cyber Systems, and helps asset owners determine the requirements applicable to specific implementations.


Success Stories

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Grant Reveal


[Jason] has a great combination of knowledge and real world application of the course material.

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Kaleb Flem

Southern California Edison

[Jason] is making such a dry topic incredibly interesting and engaging. In addition, his background has provided great parallels to make the material more applicable to real-world scenarios.

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Tom Duffey

Accenture Security

Jason is a very experienced professional who adds a real-world perspective to the material.

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I engage executives and boards by turning engineering concepts into digestible topics and accessible action items.

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